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Mladá Boleslav Výstaviště Park

This park that is located in very heart of the city is widely used by all generations of people. It is also used for various social events and celebrations. The town of Mladá Boleslav revitalized Výstaviště Park in 2012.

In the 20th century, Mladá Boleslav hosted two representative exhibitions. For the first one, the North Bohemian Exhibition in 1912, respectable exhibition grounds were built that were connected to new public buildings in Palackého Street that were supposed to represent the strength of the town at the turn of two centuries. In 1927, new exhibition halls were added in order to host another north Bohemian exhibition.

Trade shows are no longer held in Mladá Boleslav and the exhibition halls are long gone. Strangely enough, one of them was town down at the request of the founder of the Škoda car company Václav Klement because it was too noisy and disturbed the factory owner’s family life in the nearby villa. However, what remained from the famous although very short tradition is the name of the park that is still called “Výstaviště” (Exhibition Grounds).

Its dominant feature is a former musical gazebo that has been redesigned into a cosy café. This is a place that can be easily referred to as an oasis of peace and offers not only greenery, but also interesting sculptures. The balustrades of the former music gazebo include works by V. Sapík - a sculptural group representing dancing women. In the central area, you can find a fountain with a nude girl holding a lotus blossom in her hands by that was created by K. Kotrba. In the rear of the park, between the beautiful buildings of the Municipal Theatre and the Sokol physical education building, you can see a statute called Poutník (Pilgrim). This is a monument to John Amos Comenius from 1928, made by sculptor L. Šaloun.

Mlada Boleslav

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