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Church of St. Bonaventure, Mladá Boleslav

The church is situated in the most ancient part of Mladá Boleslav, Karmel. Nowadays, the church is deconsecrated and serves to house exhibitions, weddings, concerts and other events.

In the mid-14th century the church was used as an Augustinian monastery, but is estimated to have originated much earlier. From the 15th to the 17th century the monastery housed a school of the Czech Brethren. After the Battle of Bílá hora (White Mountain), the monastery fell into the hands of the Catholic Church and was reconstructed in the Baroque style; the years 1784 and 85 saw the establishment of a Piarist college and grammar school, which were originally based in Kosmonosy.

The church was utterly devastated in the 20th century and was used as a district housing cooperative's store. After the Revolution of 1989 the building continued to decay until 2007, when the Škoda Auto Na Karmeli training centre was opened. Škoda Auto a.s. built its college of technology beside the church and also reconstructed and opened the Church of St. Bonaventure within the project. The project is a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and restoration of the church and its surroundings. Nowadays, the church shines again like in the days of its greatest glory.

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