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This village is located 8 km south-west of Dolní Bousov. It boasts the Museum of Motorcycles specialising in the famous Czech Jawa brand.

The Museum of Motorcycles displays the total basic Jawa product line from 1929 to 1999.

Apart from the Jawa collection, a unique item is the three-seater motorcycle known as "Čechie" (Bohemia) which is also the oldest exhibit (1927). This Čechie Böhmerland 600 Tourist from 1927, the only ever permitted three-seater motorcycle, is the Museum's most prized exhibit. It is also the only item that does not come from the Jawa workshop.

Another valuable item is the oldest Jawa 500 OHV winch with a sidecar, made in 1929. A treasured exhibit is also the prototype of the Jawa 350 snow-scooter of the '70s whose serial production never took place.


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