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On Maple Rock

From Sedlec-Prčice you ascend to the highest peak of the Jistebnice Highlands, Javorová skála. You will see the Post Office from Sněžka and a fairytale village.
  • The route starts in Sedlec-Prčice. Follow the yellow road through Uhřice to Jetřichovice, where there is a castle nicknamed the small deep (inaccessible). From here we take the green through the Monínec sports complex to Javorová skála. The Old Post Office from Sněžka stands on the top of the ski slope, there is a breathtaking view of the region.
  • The green sign will take us to the historic village of Ounuz with fairytale cottages, where the fairy tale Honza was almost filmed.
  • Follow the red road to the right and back to see tourists' favorite rock formation Devil's Burden. Then we continue to Javorová skála.
  • We ascend to a wooded peak and go down the forest, join the blue sign, which will lead us to the chapel with the well Ježovka.
  • We can end the trip in Sedlec in the Vítek brewery from Prčice with the museum of the Vítkovec family.
Start: Sedlec-Prčice
Length: 14km
SedlecUhřiceJetřichoviceMonínec-hotel a sportovní centrumPoštovna ze SněžkyOunuzČertovo břemeno a zpětJavorová skálaPod Javorovou skálouSušeticeJežovka-kapleSedlec

Monday 17.1.
občasný déšťday 3 / 7°Cnight -1 / 3°C
Tuesday 18.1.
oblačnoday 3 / 7°Cnight -2 / 2°C
Wednesday 19.1.
polojasno až zataženoday 1 / 5°Cnight -5 / -1°C
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