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To the roots of Sedlčany-region

The heart of the Sedlčany region from Sedlčany via Vysoké Chlumec with an open-air museum and a castle to the region of the stove around Petrovice.

The whole route is 20 km - but you can end it after 8 km in Vysoké Chlumec, or 11 km in Počepice. From all places you can return to Sedlčany by bus.

Route description

  • The route will take us to the very heart of Sedlčany. We follow the red sign from Sedlčany all the way. We can choose from several variants, because the bus can take us back to Sedlčany from three places.
  • The first stage will take us to Vysoký Chlumec, where we will visit the open-air museum of village buildings in Middle Povltaví. The dominant feature of the area is the local castle. In the past it belonged to the Lobkowicz family, today it is in private hands and inaccessible, yet there is an amazing view of it.
  • The second stage will take us to Počepice. Here we can refresh ourselves or even play adventure golf. Above the village is a beautiful view of the whole area with green hills and the dominant feature of the castle.
  • The third stage will take us around the largest wicket in the Czech Republic Hus's pulpit through the region of stones to Petrovice, where we will find the chateau and the original Jesuit dormitories.
  • From Vysoké Chlumec, Počepice and Petrovice we can return to Sedlčany by bus.
Start: Sedlčany
Destination: Vysoký Chlumec, Počepice, Petrovice
Length: 19km

Sedlčany-squareVysoký ChlumecPočepicePetrovice

Monday 29.11.
oblačnoday 0 / 4°Cnight -3 / 1°C
Tuesday 30.11.
dešť se sněhemday 1 / 5°Cnight -3 / 1°C
Wednesday 1.12.
oblačno až zataženoday 4 / 8°Cnight 1 / 5°C
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