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From Vítkovská-rose to miraculous spring

The old entrance roads will take you to the history, legends and picturesque nature around the town of Sedlec-Prčice. You will follow in the footsteps of the Vítkovci family to the Ježovka well with healing water.

Eleven panels, which also include various game elements, provide varied information about the past and present of the city and its surroundings.

You will learn about the Vítkovci family, an old aristocratic family that used to have a rose in its coat of arms and from which the famous Rosenbergs arose. About an archaeological survey in 2011, during which the remains of the probable seat of the Vítkovci family from the second half of the 12th century were discovered. About manors scattered throughout the countryside and their ancient inhabitants. About local legends and myths. About important personalities of the region and about current events in it. We will also tell you about the local phenomenon of the name "Pištěk" and take you to a charming Marian chapel called Ježovka.

The trail is marked with a sloping green stripe.

Start: Sedlec-Prčice, Vítkovo Square

Length: 7 km

Stop overview:

1. Vítkovo Square in Prčice

2. At the Plague Chapel

3. At the cross

4. In St. Isidora

5. At the swimming pool

6. Náměstí 7. května in Sedlec

7. Behind the school

8. Sea urchin

9. At the crossroads

10. Uhřice

11. On the dam of Černický pond


Friday 5.11.
občasný déšťday 7 / 11°Cnight 2 / 6°C
Saturday 6.11.
plojasno až skoro jasnoday 8 / 12°Cnight 0 / 4°C
Sunday 7.11.
přeháňkyday 7 / 11°Cnight -1 / 3°C
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