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Toulava Beer Trail

The Toulava Beer Trail connects seven regional breweries and restaurants where regional beers are tapped. Just taste 6 different local beers and you will get a special pint of beer trail. To prove that you have tasted beer, you will need a Gatsro Guide to the Toulava Beer Trail, which you can pick up at all participating breweries and restaurants, or at the information centers. You get a sticker for drinking beer (or buying beer with you).

You can get the sticker in the following restaurants and breweries. However, you need to taste 6 different beers. In each of the places you can also present your 6 obtained stickers and get a pint as a souvenir.

Rules for the Toulava Beer Trail

  • 11 sites and 7 breweries are involved in the project.
  • The tourist collects stickers in the brochure "Gastro experiences and beer trail".
  • Each participating place will give one tourist a beer sticker, which he taps if he buys and drinks at least one beer. One person is entitled to only one sticker, no matter how many beers they drink.
  • For 6 different stickers (6 different beers), the tourist is entitled to a pint of Toulava.
  • Beer mugs are available directly at the connected points
  • If he does not have a pint instead (if supplies run out), Toulava will supply him with a pint directly. In this case, the tourist submits the completed brochure and leaves his address and contact.
  • The first 15 tourists in each participating place are entitled to a special pint of Toulava with an ear.
  • Other tourists will receive a standard Toulava pint without an ear
  • There is no legal claim to pints, the organizer TOULAVA o.p.s. reserves the right to change the rules of the competition or terminate the competition at any time.
Involved breweries and places
  • Pub Výčep Tábor
  • Vítek z Prčice
  • Brewery Brandlínská Kuna
  • Bistro T10
  • Restaurant Špajz Bechyně
  • Brewery Pod Besedou and Tábor Brewery Museum
  • Family brewery Obora
  • Restaurant Hotel Gold Chotoviny
  • Brewery Transformátor Hlavatce
  • Brewery Keras Bechyně
Details on the involved breweries and places can be found on the website:


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