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Botanika areal

Areál Botanika is located in a quiet part of Unhošť, 200 meters from a bus stop. The area is suitable for business meetings, social events or training.

Areál Botanika is an ideal place for a corporate event, training or team building.

Pleasant accommodation in five apartments is offered by a family villa, the Botanika hotel (13 rooms) and the newly Golf hotel (18 rooms).

A beautiful garden, a 12-hole golf course, an outdoor pool and great local cuisine will contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.

Lounge name: Restaurant shape: 44

Lounge name: Restaurant shape: 70

Lounge name: Restaurant shape: 300

Sunday 5.12.
oblačnoday 2 / 6°Cnight 0 / 4°C
Monday 6.12.
oblačnoday 1 / 5°Cnight -1 / 3°C
Tuesday 7.12.
day / °Cnight / °C

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