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Kamýcký circuit to Orlík

The ruins of the royal castle, breathtaking views of the Vltava, the dam of the Orlická dam and the lookout tower to the wider region - the route goes around the Kamýk nad Vltavou dam.
Route description:
  • From Kamýk nad Vltavou we head along the green to the ruins of the royal castle Vrškamýk. Here you will find information signs on what the castle once and now looked like, as well as a lookout tower.
  • The green sign leads us further through the meadows to Zduchovice. After the village we turn left into the forest to one of the most beautiful views in our country - the view of the Vltava horseshoe. We will return to the green and continue to Solenice.
  • Solenice lies directly below the dam of the Orlická dam - we can see the massive dam from the bridge over the Vltava, we can walk up to the dam and look around the waters of the dam
  • The red sign will take us to the Milada lookout tower, from which there is an amazing view of the entire Povltaví. From here we follow the red road along the bank of the Kamýk Reservoir back to Kamýk nad Vltavou.
Details:Start Kamýk nad VltavouEnd Kamýk nad VltavouLength 25 kmRoute:

Kamýk nad VltavouVrškamýkZduchoviceVltavská podkova a zpětSoleniceSolenice - mostPřední ChlumNa rozhlednu Milada a zpětKamýk - přehradaKamýk nad Vltavou

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Kamýk nad Vltavou

Sunday 7.11.
přeháňkyday 6 / 10°Cnight -2 / 2°C
Monday 8.11.
oblačnoday 7 / 11°Cnight 1 / 5°C
Tuesday 9.11.
polojasno až zataženoday 8 / 12°Cnight 1 / 5°C
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