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The land of stones - Petrovická stezka

For the southern part of the Sedlčany region, a romantic upland in the Petrovice region, it took on the apt name Kraj kamenů. You will be guided through its beauties by a circular nature trail, thanks to which you will learn that it is not only a region full of boulders of various shapes, sizes and names, but also a region with beautiful nature, mysterious past associated with Jakub Krčín, rare animals and plants or caves.
Route description:
  • If you go on a trip from Petrovice to the north, right at the beginning of the route you will be able to enjoy the view of the whole area from bird heights. An ascent to the Hodětín hill and even higher to the Kuníček lookout tower will take you to them. From the palm of your hand, you will also have villages with the charming names Kuní, Kuníček and Rybníček, where your next steps will go.
  • An untraditional, stone-carved, Stations of the Cross will lead you between these villages. You will immediately visit Týnčany, another Petrovice village, set in beautiful nature full of rare species of fauna and flora, as well as cave formations. At the largest of them, Diviš's Cave, there is a speleological base, so with a little luck you can come across speleologists who will let you look into the mysterious underground.
  • Along the Petrovická trail you will also meet a limestone quarry in Skoupé and a whole "crowd of stone giants". Viklan Hus's pulpit is the place where, according to legend, master Jan Hus preached and Čertův kámen was once said to have broken through the fault of the devil. You can give the other stones their own names, or try to find a Fossilized Frog, a Loaf of Bread, a Broken Heart or a Boletus. When it came to the Krčín fishmonger, you will also find a stop at the Obděnice church, where the famous fishmonger is supposed to be buried. Before the trail takes you back to Petrovice, you will stop at the Vrškámen viklan, by the way the largest loose stone in Central Bohemia.
Details:Start PetroviceEnd PetroviceLenght 25kmRoute:
PetroviceKuníčekKuníRybníčekČervený mlýnTýnčanyDivišova jeskyněSkoupýHusova kazatelnaŽemličkova LhotaObděniceOhradaVrškámenPetrovice

number of stops: 20difficulty: easy to medium difficultmarking: red and white envelopetime: Set aside the whole day for the trip or divide it

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