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Paradise of prospects: Drbákov - Albertovy skály

Every excursionist who steps into the challenging terrain on the rocks of the Drbákov-Albertovy skály nature trail can be convinced that there is no nature reserve as a nature reserve.

Route description:

  • You can get to the locality from Nalžovice via Nalžovické Podhájí towards the recreational area Častoboř. But you will not get there, because you will stop at the parking area U Křížku, where you will be welcomed by the first information panel.
  • Ten prospects await you. The path leads along steep rock walls, somewhere it is secured by chains. With a view of the river, it is now almost inconceivable that the river is, in these places, several tens of meters higher than the original riverbed, thanks to the Slapy Dam. Deep slopes, massive trees, rocks and views are impressive; Smilovice and the bay of Čelinský potok crouch below you.
  • The reserve covers an area of ​​over 64 ha and its southern part was established in 1933 under the name Drbákovské tisy. Its territory was expanded in 1977 by the neighboring area of ​​Albert's (originally White) rocks.
Start   Parking U křížku za Nalžovických Podhájím
Leght 6km

We follow the entire route to NS Drbákov-Albertovy skály (marked by a sloping green stripe).

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