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Toulava has a new website

At the end of 2019, the Toulava tourist area launched a new website, which is more opposite to tourists and partners of the tourist area. The site was modernized after 5 years.

The new website works more with the map. Every place, route or experience will be immediately displayed on the map. The second novelty is a greater interconnection of places and individual offers so that the visitor can see immediately everything in the place they visit can do. “We are still working on it. The goal is for the site to offer you accommodation, experiences, or restaurants at each location, ”says Toulava's product manager Jan Sochor.

Now everyone can filter individual regions of Toulava - Sedlčansko, Táborsko, Bechyňsko, Devil's burden, Milevsko, Soběslavsko and Choustnicko and Mladovožicko. Web filters help you to navigate the web - so you just need to check the ruins and Sedlčany and immediately on the map you will see the ruins in Sedlčany.

Last but not least, you will also find an e-shop on the new website where you can buy publications from Toulava - currently a photo book by Petr Mareš, in the future there will also be local products or specific tourist experiences.

“After 5 years it was necessary to modernize the site. And to introduce more specific regions of Toulava and specific offers that we have prepared, ”says the director of TOULAVA, o.p.s. Štěpánka Barešová.

As a TOP offer, the website represents the first pedestrian trail in the Czech Republic included in the list of the best trails in Europe - the Lužnice River Toulavou Trail, as well as offers from individual regions such as Sedlčanské Outlook, Milevsko for Families or the Hussist Region.

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