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With K. H. Mácha to Zvěřinec through the region of menhirs

From Sedlec-Prčice in the footsteps of K. H. Mácha around the mysterious menhirs to the Zvěřinec castle, which the poet visited.
Route description:
  • The route begins in Sedlec-Prčice, near which lies Měšetice, where the poet K. H. Mácha had an uncle. He often went here for holidays and also visited the nearby remains of Zvěřinec Castle.
  • Our steps will lead along the NS From Vítkovská růže to the miraculous spring and then along the blue sign to the crossroads at the Veletín hunting lodge.
  • We will connect to the red sign and through Myslkov we will get to the forests around Zveřinec - near the road there are two old menhirs.
  • Only the foundations remain of the castle, but we can find a memorial plaque of K. H. Mácha and a romantic clearing in front of the independent castle. The descent will be made more pleasant by the signs of the nature trail to the Zvěřinci castle.
  • From Zadní Bud, we continue along the yellow sign and then along the green to the chapel with the Ježovka well. From here the road leads us back to Sedlec-Prčice
Start   Sedlec - plaza
End    Sedlec - plaza
Leght 15 km

SedlecUhřiceafter NS to the intersection with blueVeletín-myslivnaZvěřinecZadní BoudyKvasejoviceJežovka-kapleSedlec-plaza
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