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Nižbor Château

Nižbor Château takes its visitors on a journey through time into a truly ancient era – the period when what we know today as Bohemia was inhabited by Celts. The Nižbor Château premises houses the Celtic Culture Information Centre. The original Renaissance structure was rebuilt into its current Baroque form under the supervision of the famous architect František Maxmilián Kaňka.

Nižbor was the favourite residence of king Wenceslaus II. During that period, Nižbor was still a castle; it was rebuilt into a more comfortable and ornate Renaissance château between 1601 and 1613. It attained its current form during a renovation finished in 1724, when the manor was in the possession of the Valdštejn noble house. This rebuilding in the Baroque style was done under the supervision of the famous architect František Maxmilián Kaňka. In 2004, the Celtic Culture Information Centre was opened. One of the reasons for its creation is the fact thatNižbor is located near the famous Stradonice oppidum, which ranks among the most well-known Czech prehistoric sites.

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Na zámku 260, Nižbor, 267 05

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