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Lookout tower Babka

A unique wooden lookout tower with metal elements is located about 2 km north from Zruč nad Sázavou, towards the village of Jiřice

It was built at an altitude of 451 m above the sea level and its observation deck rises 24 m above the surrounding terrain. At the top, there is a rotary information device showing what you can see below. An interactive trail, starting at the railway station in Zruč, will take you to the tower. The tower is accessible during the year free of charge. 

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Admission: Free
Number of steps: 130
Elevation MASL: 450
Lookout tower height: 27.4

Friday 3.12.
polojasno až zataženoday 0 / 4°Cnight -3 / 1°C
Saturday 4.12.
dešť se sněhemday 0 / 4°Cnight -6 / -2°C
Sunday 5.12.
občasný déšťday 2 / 6°Cnight 0 / 4°C

Opening hours

all months all the days of the week 0:00 - 0:00

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