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UNESCO landscape and biosphere reserve is a special feature compared to similar countries in Europe. It is located in the middle of Bohemia and almost two thirds of the area is covered by deciduous and mixed forests

The banks of the Berounka River enveloped in calm morning mist, fishing lines resting on the water, the whisper of tall grass on expansive meadows and the rustling of leaves in the treetops – there is nothing banal and boring about that, seen with a child’s gaze, when everyday life is so far away. Quite the opposite, everything is imbued with thrilling tales that only children’s eyes can see… or artists with loads of imagination! Such were Ota Pavel and Karel Kachyňa, the writer and the director, one an author of short stories, the other a cinemagician. Ota Paul loved the Křivoklátsko district, and his stories capture his love and admiration for the region, sparsely inhabited since ancient times and thus lush with abundant forests. Karel Kachyňa was able to take his memories, his sentences and convert them into the language of cinema. And so we have films that are watched avidly again and again, the fifth, the tenth time – ‘Smrt krásných srnců / Forbidden Dreams’ and ‘Zlatí úhoři / The Golden Eels’. The region around Křivoklát Castle has also enthralled film-makers from abroad. For example, see the American movies ‘Everything is Illuminated’ and ‘Tristan + Isolde’.


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