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AMERIKA quarries

The limestone quarry Great America is nicknamed the Czech Grand Canyon - such an impressive sight will come to everyone who comes here. The canyon, flooded with crystal clear water, attracts tourists and filmmakers. There is a hiking trail with several viewing platforms around the quarry, and Karlštejn Castle is nearby.

Are you after some breath-taking natural scenery? If so, there are the ‘Greater’ and ‘Lesser’ America limestone quarries in the Czech Karst protected landscape area. 

A more expressive site would be hard to find in the whole of Central Bohemia. The pale grey cliffs, falling precipitously down to a dark blue surface, mirror-calm, surrounded by bushes and trees – fresh and green in the spring and summer, matt copper in the autumn… it’s a tall order to shoot any scenery footage here that would fail to be eye-catching. If proof be needed, there are films like Lemonade Joe, The Little Mermaid, Micimutr or ‘The Three of Us and the dog …’ (“My tři a pes z Pětipes”).


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