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Krakovec Castle Ruin

Krakovec was founded in 1381. This partly ruined residence was a rare example of the transitional phase between a castle and a château. Krakovec is often described as a Gothic château due to the fact that the structure had to fulfil the very stringent requirements of its inhabitants as a status symbol.

Its architect, the Křivoklát burgrave Jíra of Roztoky, conceived of a grand design, and the finished luxurious residence almost rivalled royal castles. Its most remarkable feature was the architectonically perfected and richly decorated chapel. The fate of the castle was sealed by a series of fires, after which the deteriorating structure was almost forgotten. Its restoration was overdue, starting in 1914, which is why only parts of the this marvellous and important structure survive today.

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Krakovec 4, Petrovice U Rakovníka, 270 35

Phone:+420 313 549 302
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Friday 14.1.
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