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Golf Park Slapy

Golf Park Slapy Sv.Jan is located in a traditional First Republic excursion area near the village of Slapy. The course is naturally incorporated into the landscape and is solved in such a way that the interesting ruggedness of the terrain gives the final result the required landscape diversity and golf complexity.

The Slapy Dam is a popular holiday destination and the golf in Slapy has been enjoying increasing interest lately. This 18-hole course is less than an hour's drive from Prague, upstream along the Vltava river, and awaiting the golfers are neatly maintained fairways with greens ‘protected’ by water or bunkers – or even by the winding contours of the greens themselves. Accurate long-distance golfers find this a great place to improve their HCP, while others can be assured that a stroke into the rough will not be a completely lost cause. The complex also includes a restaurant, club facilities and a pro-shop.

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