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Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau

The originally Renaissance chateau, built by Václav Budovec of Budova, was passed in the hands of Albrecht of Valdštejn after the Battle of White Mountain.

The history of the chateau is linked with the noble family of Valdštejn. It was in their possession from 1623 to 1945. Its present look comes from the period of Arnošt Josef of Valdštejn: it was created during the 1697-1700 period by Mark Antonio Canevallo, Italian architect, who later added other buildings, too. The Sala Terrena was designed by Mikuláš Raimimondi (1711). The large park comprises stables, an orangery and a garden pavilion.

A part of the premises is the Capuchin monastery with Church of the Magi and St Ann's Chapel. The chapel is the place where the shrine of Albrecht of Valdštejn, Prince of Frýdlant and famous military leader from the period of the Thirty Years War is buried.

Visitors are offered a choice of three tours. The first tour will take you around the period interiors with extensive collections of Delphi faience, Chinese china and Dresden and Japanese china. Another interesting attraction is the Valdštejn library from Duchcov, in the 18th century administered by the world-renowned G. Cassanova. The second tour comprises the Empire theatre as well. The second floor of the chateau is used by the Town Museum and presents local archaeology, ethnography and nature, historic pharmacy and a model of the Drábské Světničky.

Tour 1
- period interiors with collections of the Valdštejn family
Tour 2 - the theatre
Tour 3 - lapidary - sandstone Baroque sculptures, the tomb of Albrecht of Valdštejn in St. Ann's Chapel. You can book a guide speaking German. The exhibits included in Tour 3 (lapidary) are provided with descriptions in English and German.

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mailMnichovo Hradiste

V Lípách 148, Mnichovo Hradiště, 295 01

Phone:+420 326 773 098
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